When to take anything externally and when not to

Many people have heard the term “Outsource” when it comes to business. “Outsourcing” is the practice of using a third party to get employees to do what they can. Some examples are outsourcing of customer service to India or manufacturing in China. But what about our personal lives? The outward-looking philosophy has crept into our minds, and the way we do it affects our quality of life.

One way to look at how you get it externally is to put things into three categories:

1) The things you do No. Obtained externally.

2) The things you do Should not Obtained externally.

3) The things you do must be Obtained externally.

The first category includes things you can’t get outside, eating, breathing, and creating your own original ideas. This category includes drinking, smoking, sleeping, going to the bathroom, following your doctor’s orders, taking medication, reading to yourself, writing alone, meditating and thinking. You cannot get outside your situation, your emotions, your goals, your energy, use any kind of exercise equipment, swim, talk your own way, spend your time, watch TV shows, or attend a concert. You cannot have your personal relationship with God or Christ or anyone you trust externally.

That first set seemed very simple; Although you could argue that you hire someone to read everything for you as well as write things for you and attend your child’s sport at your place when you have to travel for work.

The second category, about things you should not get outwardly, is more subjective. For example, I feel that you should not get outsiders how you handle your money; However, most people give this externally! Some people think that you should not outsource nutritious home cooked food with fast food. Others think that raising your own children should not be taken for granted, but some want to have a nanny. This category is a matter of your personal values.

The most important thing is to check if you are complying with your own value system. If you do, you will realize that you have a high standard of living. If your outsourced shortcuts violate your own values, you will feel that you have a lower standard of living.

The third category is for things you need to get externally if you want to be free to pursue other things. Some examples include cooking, cleaning, fitting cars and computers, driving a car, walking a dog, gardening, mowing the lawn, designing your site, installing a roof, buying anything, removing trash, Washing clothes and filing documents.

Good things to get from the outside are the ones that will give the same result whether you do it or someone else does. The reason these things are not outsourced is that if you can do it better than the average person, or if you want to do the activity yourself, or if you want to do it yourself, or if these are items that define who you are, then you are happy to do it.

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