When your team hires a mentor, insist on an expert!

There is an old joke, which states that the definition of an instructor is that someone travels more than 50 miles and comes up with scenes for his presentation! If you are a leader, it is essential to understand, of course, that you are not the person you are hiring. Specialist, In a specific area / obstacle / challenge, all you need to address is the extra cost you have, and another opinion, from someone less, from real experts! In many cases, it makes sense, to bring in the necessary / effective, – inside, some outside – help, it only makes a difference, for the better, when you recruit, the right person! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the memoir approach, what this means and represents and why it is important.

1. eexperience; Specialization; Enrich: If the relevant experience and evidence of any potential consultant is thoroughly reviewed and evaluated, he or she has a degree in specialization that can, for the better, make a realistically significant difference! / Until, if this person is willing, willing, and truly able to enrich and improve the organization, he will not be the person you should be looking for!

2. X: Extra; Unusual; Attractive: Consider, the extra level of quality, knowledge, and judgment that a person brings to the table! Only when his ideas, skills and efforts are relevant / unusual, hiring him will be exciting (in a positive way) for your team!

3. planning; Cognition; Priorities; Perfection / Accuracy: In general, it’s useful, level, quality planning, how your team works, and, if you find the right person, doing so, as well as the benefits of giving you an inspiring, cognitive. Stakeholders, everyone, in general, benefits! It makes sense when a well-intentioned leader adds a level of perfection and precision to the way he addresses the needs and priorities of a particular organization!

4. Excellence; Endurance; Empathy; Attention: Organizations, rarely, the so-called, when a leader settles down for good – enough, rather than demanding the maximum of his true excellence, and pushes one’s path, no matter what the obstacles, to move forward with considerable perseverance! When one maintains genuine empathy and place, his primary emphasis is, therefore, that everyone benefits! If / when, we find the right advisor, to fill – empty, he is worth, every penny, he spends!

5. Relevant; References; Responsive; Responsible; Realistic; Rationale: Counseling is only important when emphasizing relevance, needs, goals and priorities in a responsive, responsible way! Wise leaders, take the time to examine the counselor’s referrals, thoroughly, to confirm his true value! It’s important to be realistic, not just hopeful!

6. Takes time; Trends; Tells you; Teaches; Techniques: Do not rush your decision, choose the right person, carefully and deliberately! With an open mind to use appropriate trends that can be useful and important, you will only benefit when he tells you what he thinks, and teaches your organization high quality, technical methods and benefits. !

While mentors can be extremely helpful, a wise leader is careful to recruit the right person, of course, Expert! Go ahead, wisely, or you alone, will go through the motions!

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