Which is the best leaf blower for the money?

Which is the best leaf blower for the money?

To be content with your ideal fan, you need to consider the following as a guide to the best fan for the money.

Type of leaf blower

Gas blowers can be handheld, backpacks or walk behinds. You should choose a gas blade blower depending on the size of the area you want to clean. Handheld gas blade blowers are perfect for those with small surfaces. Larger areas will require you to either use backpacks or go behind gas blade blowers.

2. Functionality

You have the option of choosing a simple gas blade vacuum fan that only collects leaves and debris in a pile. The second option is to choose one that is multifunctional, which means it has three in one capabilities. These models have vacuum and compost capacity. You can collect the leaves in a pile, then shred them and turn them into compost.

3. The CFM power

The choice of CMF effect for your ideal leaf blower largely depends on the size of the area you want to clean and how quickly you want to complete the task. For small lawns, leaf blowers with a CFM of between 200 and 300 CFM are perfect. For areas with large leaves a, twigs and wet leaves, choose a leaf blower of 350-400CFM. For large regions, 400CFM is best.

4. Emissions and noise

Before buying a gas fan, please check your state laws that guide noise and emissions. The manufacturer’s specifications will be a clear guide to emissions.

Bet’s gas blower review 2018

To make your work easier to choose an ideal; gas fan, we have highlighted 2 best gas fans in this review.

1. Hitachi RB24EAP gas powered leaf blower

This is a handheld fan, one of the lightest but most powerful models (8.6 LBS). It is perfect for both small and large areas. It has a CFM OF 441. Operation with two big fingers is easy.

It is designed as a leaf blower with low emissions. It emits fewer vapors, which means that it is environmentally friendly in its operations.

The fan has speeds of 170 mph if used with a conical nozzle. These speeds are sufficient to work in both small and large areas. Your work of removing debris and autumn leaves will be made easier with the Hitachi RB24EAP gas-powered fan.

2. Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc gas blade fan

Makita BHX2500CA gas fan will be the lightest in its class. It weighs only 9.8 kg; you can quickly move around with the gas fan without getting tired. It has a 4-stroke engine that makes it very efficient. It is an upgraded model from the previous 2-stroke Makita

This model emits less noise compared to the 2-stroke Hitachi version. Its high-capacity muffler ensures that it produces less sound when in operation. It has been designed to produce fewer emissions, therefore environmentally friendly. It is easy to start and use. Exhaust emissions are CARB Tier III and EPA phase II compliant. Its 4-stroke engine is very fuel efficient; it can save up to 60% in fuel cost.


Gas blowers are ideal garden tools that help you carry out your cleaning work efficiently and quickly. This article highlights the best gas fans for your money and the factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect gas fan. Keep in mind that one of the blow gas fans discussed above and your association will always remain clean and tidy.

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