Who should end the conversation first when you text your ex?

When you first start texting your ex-girlfriend after a breakup, your ex responds in one of four ways:

1.) No response
2.) A moderate response
3.) Positive feedback
4.) Negative feedback

Once you get an answer from your ex, the next question is how to properly handle their response. It may seem easy enough, but you have to have restraint here, or you can really mess things up.

Why restraint?

You need restraint and self-control because your first instinct may take a long time when you have not spoken to your ex in a while and they suddenly respond to your text messages (especially if they do). A conversation ensued with them. You will be very happy to hear from them and you will want to text them as long as they talk to you.

This sounds logical, doesn’t it? I mean they seem to talk to you and are happy about it, so why do you want to end the conversation?

It may seem logical, but it’s not a good way to make your ex feel that they want you back. Whenever you try to send a text message to your ex-boyfriend about your life, you want to end the conversation first. Here are 3 reasons …

1.) By being the first person to end a conversation and ending it early (before it dies alone), you avoid your ex and create more desire for yourself. They will not be able to get their “fill” from you and they will look forward to the next conversation.

2.) Ending the conversation first gives you the power to end things with a high note.

Once you and your ex share a fun moment or positive memory, you can end the conversation and their mind will focus on those positive feelings you have. If you wait too long or prolong the conversation, you run the risk of ending up in a fight or it becomes boring and monotonous, causing the mind of your ex to focus on those negative or neutral feelings about you.

3.) It meets you reliably and is not desirable or desperate.

When you send a text message to your ex-girlfriend and end the conversation, you will find yourself as a trustworthy person with places to be and people to see. It does not mean that you sit desperately and desperately and try to be with them at every last second you can or ask them to keep talking to you.

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