Why are men so difficult to identify? If you are struggling to understand men then follow this

Sometimes, trying to figure out what her husband is thinking and feeling can almost hit her in the gallery. At the very least, you can get a severe migraine headache if you insist on analyzing the motivations and actions of the male species.

In short, boys find it so difficult to read because women try to read them and look at the wrong things.

Don’t think too much! (He certainly isn’t)

Men are very different from women in the way they think. Both men and women are mentally programmed to be motivated by completely different things; He expects success and dominance in various areas of his life (social, material, physical) and women are largely motivated by the need and emotional fulfillment of relationships with others.

All you have to do is watch a man drive a car and a woman drive it very differently. Men are not naturally good at multitasking; They are great when all their attention and effort is directly on one thing and only one thing. A woman, on the other hand, drives while doing six other things at once.

Phobias are twice as common in women as in men. This is not a coincidence; Men can relax their thoughts and think of literally nothing; Women are unable to silence and calm their brains.

He’s not as clueless as you

Most boys have no idea what they are feeling and thinking at any given moment. It’s not that they don’t think or feel; In fact, they write it down and do not remember the details.

However, he knows how he feels about you. But do not expect any rhetoric or statement that confirms this point until he is very comfortable with you.

You can only see the comfort he shows you

When it comes to comfort, you want him to feel safe and trust you. This requires building a slow bond over time, and you can’t speed this up or fake it. Well, you can, but not for long.

The more time you spend with a man, the more you prove to him your integrity and loyalty, the harder it will be for you to get a reading of him. It will finally click.

Men & Opposite Sports: Why You Need to Play

With men, unfortunately, we can’t always do what we say and say what I mean. They don’t make it that easy.

Instinctively, boys want conflict and have to fight for something they can win. That’s why you should make your secret needs and wants invisible by swapping them using the opposite game. If you need more attention from him, give him less. If you die to read him and know what he is thinking and feeling at a certain time, you should go undercover without expressing that desire directly. If you want to talk him out of it, refrain from expressing your own feelings, and angrily state how much you hate that soft thing.

Strange? Yes, but it seems to work.

Why should you never be ugly to read him

In the end, your pretty little head shouldn’t have to worry about what he thinks and feels. Why? Because you are the only one who can, and after that, you have no control over his thoughts or feelings.

Especially if they have nothing to do with you.

Even if you are officially his new girlfriend, you have to remember that just like the whole world happened before he entered your life, he has in his mind what he thought a long time ago. You.

Another reason not to worry about it

You should not worry too much about struggling in vain to fully recognize him, because there are times when it is constantly changing.

Women are the bad agents for changing their minds over and over again, and men are the most guilty of this. Because of his intense fear of conflict with you, he keeps things to himself, no matter how decisive.

Since you can never expect your emotional security to be stable in any relationship, you should not get dizzy and sick of worrying about reading him today.

Things to watch out for

There is a small probability that your boy will intentionally make it difficult for you to read and recognize him. Why? Because he hides something from you and he definitely does not want you to learn what it is.

If this is your instinct in general, you can be guided.

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