Why are you not fair to yourself?

Why the vast majority of people are reluctant and / or unable to treat themselves, fair How do they try to treat others? However, it will certainly help many of us, to take the time and make a collective effort, to give ourselves a check, neck-to-neck, a few, someday. do! When we take this objective, when we look inwardly, when we consider ourselves as others, is there any possibility of treating ourselves? More than forty years later, with nearly a thousand self-help, and personal development / development, seminars / programs, I strongly believe that each and every one of us is indebted to ourselves for doing so. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the memoir approach, what this means and what it represents and why it is important.

1. Interface facts; Find out; Best; fear; the future; Yield: If you want to be your true, best friend and friend, instead of trying to lie / mislead yourself, it is essential to face the facts! Try to find the best for you, and your genuine, priorities, needs, goals and perceptions! Actively address your fears and anxieties, and avoid the tendency to procrastinate! Trying to be the best, by accepting, can only become your best effort, while rejecting, the good – enough! Evaluate options and options with an open mind, looking for the best course for you in the immediate, intermediate needs and in the future! Once, once you’ve done this, don’t hesitate until you bring it up!

2. Attitude; Fitness; Attention; Actions: Going forward, positive, do-able, attitudes (but, without, wearing, pink – colored, glasses), combined, relevant, well-developed, fitness and skills-set, to support you, to focus, best , Skills, Curia, etc. to move forward!

3. Integrity; Improvement; Self-examination; Ideas; Ideals: Unless / you, with absolute integrity, especially when there is a certain way, low-resistance, if available, will you personally improve your feelings about what works best for you! Give this, review and self-examination, as you do on very urgent matters and issues! If your ideas and personal ideals align, you will optimize your chances for inner happiness!

4. Realistic; Relevant; Responsive; Responsible; Reasons: Realistic, relevant, self-testing, highly responsive, and responsible course, forward – forward, private! Find out your personal reasons, and, as you might expect, whether they are important to you!

You will never, ever be as happy as you deserve, / until you continue, fair, to you! How important is your personal happiness, self-satisfaction and personal value / value to you?

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