Why bother? Make everything better

Of course, good and bad are in the eyes of the viewer, who is definitely craving for any situation. The worst or best way to live is determined by our consciousness. I recently thought about the old saying, “They reap like someone sows.” That is how reality works. No accidents. I know, most of us like to think that there are dangers instead of teaching lessons. But, the synchronization of life works in this way: self-responsibility and self-correction are not rights, they are necessities, especially if we want things to be genuinely correct.

Recently, I faced a moral crisis and I realized that the best advice on how to deal with it comes from me and my meditation, not from anywhere, outside. So, when I came up with my title, I thought: Why bother, instead of worrying in a shallow way, make the whole problem better by handing it over to a deeper place.

Sure, it’s a little too simple, a little too easy, and a little too straightforward. But have we not given up on some of life’s problems and found solutions? Some may say yes, some may say no, I can definitely say yes. That’s where this article comes in: it comes in a place of “let go, but don’t give up,” and in reality that’s how it goes down. When you give up and don’t give up to get the real result you want, go for the good, go for the bad. After all, in the end, evil is only resistance, and good is the genuine acceptance of good for good. Reality is an equal sword that cuts both sides and in the end we decide which way to cut. This is where the results count with our genuine choice of where to swing and how to accept the situations and realities that come our way.

The realities and results are the same, and in the end we create both, whether intentionally or accidentally. So why bother, work well or not well. If it’s bad, the only difference. Why get angry? All I can say is “Be busy, be right under your own estimate, then be good.” We have the greatness to win what we have to lose with our own hands at the end The right choices about what happens in life and existence.

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