Why do boys mess with girls? Here are some of the main reasons why this happens so much

Just as women play hard to attract a man, a man plays a confusing game with a girl. The end result is the same in both cases. They both want to increase their value. Here are some reasons why boys get lost in girls.

It makes them more likeable
When a woman has the ability to confuse, it creates a desire in front of a man. She wraps everything in what he has to say and his warm and cold attitude surprises her a little. But at the same time he prefers the woman.

It helps to get the image of a bad boy
Good boys go to heaven and bad boys have fun. Being a confused man gives him the opportunity to have a devilish attitude and the image of a bad boy. And every girl wants to be with a bad guy like this.

It helps to save impact
When a man confuses a woman, it helps to put his feelings on the woman. She is confused by his reactions so she will try to identify him and in the process she will always think of him. At the end of the day, the boy makes his girlfriend think of him, and this is exactly what he wants.

It helps to get an intriguing light around them
When a man is able to confuse a woman, it builds an intriguing atmosphere around them. No one can predict what he is going to say or how he will act in the next moment. This curiosity helps him to keep the girl engaged.

They do not need to be stereotyped
Some men do not want to be stereotyped or classified as a specific “type”. He wants his girl to continue guessing what he really is, so he confuses her to keep his attention to himself. It definitely gives him more boundaries than the others, because she tries to identify him instead of the other way around.

It keeps things interesting
Like women, many women enjoy chasing as much as they do hunting. Confusing her keeps the fire alive and connects her to him.

He wants to keep things light
Finally a guy messes up a girl when things don’t want to go too fast. He wants to enjoy the first part of the relationship before he gets serious and therefore confuses her.

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