Why do dogs get stuck together during breeding?

Nature is truly amazing! Nature has devised a way to ensure that implantation takes place during dog breeding. If you’ve never seen dogs having sex, you’re worried that some of them would be hurting and hurting your beloved pet when they’ve stuck together until the end. Isolating them can do more harm than good by helping the dog.

When dog mating occurs, the male dog pushes behind the female. A cooperative and receptive female moves her tail to the side, allowing the male to catch better. This is called marking. The reproductive function of dogs is very different from that of humans. The dog’s penis is not straight when it enters a dog’s vagina. Baculum, a small bone inside the penis that holds the penis in place, causes a penetration.

After penetration, the bulbous gland, which is the tissue of the penis, is swollen with blood and the penis gets stuck in the vagina of the bitch. This is called intercourse. The male dog usually raises its legs above the female’s back. Turn so that the back end of the dog connects. Typically, dogs stay in this position for 5 to 30 minutes or more. Dogs will not be able to separate until the ejaculation is complete and the bulbous gland is disconnected.

At the beginning of mating, the male dog releases sperm and prostate fluid. It is common for dogs to get stuck together during intercourse. This allows semen to enter the vagina and ensure that the bitch is pregnant. Coitus binding prevents semen from leaking. In the heat a female dog pulls a male dog. The reason for this is the unique scent that advertises that the bitch is available. It is not uncommon to see a female dog surrounded by several male dogs in the heat. The binding of intercourse ensures that the reproductive process is not interrupted. This will prevent the female dog from having intercourse with other dogs.

Especially if one or both of them are having intercourse for the first time, the bond of intercourse can be a nuisance to the animals. Even if the dogs seem hurt or distressed, never try to separate them. Monitor dogs closely to prevent any accidents. A large female that is frightened can harm the male and vice versa. You can go to the floor to calm down and settle down until the dogs separate.

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