Why do girls leave me every day?

Why do girls leave me every day? I’m 25. It’s always easy for a girl to fall in love with me, probably because of the good time I give them. Every girl I dated was with me for more than five weeks and when I tried to figure out the reason for it, their answer was almost always “nothing”. This problem causes me to lose sleep at night. Do I have a problem? This is one of the few emails I received from several men looking for answers to a common problem.

Why do girls leave me every day? I know this is the problem that is causing you a sleepless night right now. Girls will become experts in the act of sticking to you until you are no longer interested with the right approach.

The first thing you need to do now is assess your appearance. How is your personal hygiene? No pretty girl likes to hang out with a stinky guy, especially when he talks openly. You need to make sure that your breath smells good and that your armpits do not smell bad.

Examine yourself objectively and closely to find out why girls always leave you. What about the way you speak? Are you the kind of person who brags about your success and speaks out loud to create opportunities for embarrassment? Do you argue loudly and unjustly in public to embarrass your girlfriends?

Most girls do not like a hunter. You have to learn to let your girl do her own thing. If you get too mad with any girl, she will start to get angry with you. Trust her if she likes and let her go places alone. Do not always question her when you see her talking to other boys.

Girls like men based on self-confidence and achievements. If you have no plans for the future, most serious girls will not take you seriously and they may turn you into an ambitious and hard working boy.

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