Why do men stay away from relationships when they have personal problems?

Have you ever wondered why men stay away from relationships when they have personal problems? He may have problems at work, economic problems, or illness in the family. No matter what the problem, most men start to distance themselves from women in their lives when they face certain problems.

As a woman, you want your husband to be with you when he needs you. The problem is, when a man faces difficult times in his life, he often prefers to be alone. You should not take it personally; Men and women are different. Usually when a woman has a problem she wants someone to listen to her. She wants to talk about things that bother her. She does not really want anyone to solve the problem for her; She just wants someone to listen. Most men are exactly the opposite. They do not want to talk about their problems, they just want to find things and solve them for themselves. It is a big reason for men to stay away from relationships when they are stressed. All they need is some time to understand things.

If you are in the early stages of a relationship, you can call, text, or email the person you associate with fewer times when he has problems dealing with them. Even in a long-term relationship or marriage, your man may need some time and his man may disappear into the cave to find things. Sometimes men need something to spend their time with. A woman may think that she is wasting time when a man is playing a video game or tinkering with something in the garage, but a man who deals with the problems of his life should do something relaxing and enjoyable to clear his mind. for a while. The last thing most men want to do when they have personal problems is to talk about their feelings.

When your man has personal problems, it is important to give him the space he needs. Eventually he will understand things and your relationship will recover. As a woman, it is important to understand that about your husband. If he goes into his cave, garage, man cave, etc., he does not want you to chase after him, trying to get him to talk about what is bothering him. If he tells you that things are going well between you and that he is only dealing with some personal issues, give him the space and time he needs to do things for himself.

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