Why doesn’t my husband admit that he wants a divorce?

Believe it or not, many other people know that your spouse intends to divorce, but at least it hurts you a little at first. Why? There are several reasons. First, your spouse rarely allows you to think about what he or she thinks about your marriage, especially when the thoughts are negative. Second, many couples will try to draw a picture of Roser or soften the blow. Finally, many couples think aloud when talking to friends and family about your marriage. But thinking out loud does not mean that he has made a firm decision.

You wonder why he doesn’t come out with it by hitting around the bush like this. Why doesn’t he tell you he wants a divorce? Why do you find evidence of it in others or elsewhere?

Here is how one wife put it into words: “I can not believe my husband has not yet told me that he wants a divorce. He has not yet given me the divorce papers. Heck, he’s not officially left the house. Spends nights, but he lives with me for a while, now, I knew we had problems, he even started pricing his own apartment a few months ago.It’s nothing happened, I think things are not so good I knew, but I was shocked to see the wife of one of my husbands’ partners in the grocery store, and she told me, ‘I’m sorry to hear about my divorce.’ I just played. But as soon as I got home I told my husband about it, he said he didn’t tell his partner, he’s getting divorced. A girl.She I do not believe anything is wrong. Then I said this to a neighbor, a good friend, and she pointed out that my husband had also told her that we might be divorced, and I talked to my husband about this and he He says he’s not made a decision yet .He says he does not know if we’m getting a divorce or not .I do not understand why he’s playing games like this. Sad and frustrated. But I like him to be more honest with the lie than he’s honest with me. Why doesn’t he put it out there? If he wants a divorce, why not tell me? Because honestly I’ll find out about it somehow. “

I can definitely suggest a few reasons. When I separated (or my husband did not share this with me for a while thinking about divorce) there were plenty of people who knew more about my husband’s feelings about our marriage than I did. This always annoyed me because I felt that my husband was betraying the trust and I felt it was the last thing I knew. But you know what? Not all of those little revelations were like a mountain of beans. We were never divorced. None of that ever happened.

And I think that may be the biggest reason why your husband is not seeking a divorce. Either he is not one hundred percent sure he needs one, or he is not ready to go for one yet. And there are various reasons for this. He may still be open to reconciliation. Or he tries to get his money in order. Either way, you may have a little time on your side.

If you are still investing in your wedding (or are still interested in saving it) this could be a great opening. I know that asking others about your marriage is frustrating and a bit humiliating. But if you really want reconciliation, you have to put your focus in the right place. In the end you should put aside everything that is not important to you. If you can get your marriage back, this doesn’t matter in five years.

At the moment, my attention is drawn to the fact that for whatever reason he has not yet filed for or filed for divorce. Who knows his specific arguments? He may not know it himself. The point is, if he really wants to divorce at this moment, he’s looking for it. He does not. He stops for whatever reason. He hasn’t told you about a divorce plan yet, it just tells me that he’s not so confident about his will and that he still cares about you not to come forward with something that can’t really happen.

Either way, all of this means that you can have some time. Sometimes, it’s a great starting point for trying to save your marriage. Most wives do not have it. They have been given divorce documents and their husband is not ashamed to tell them that he wants a divorce one hundred percent.

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