Why have some groups lost their way?

A few years ago, less, more relevant, sustainable, growing organizations / groups, we witness more than today! Fewer people are involved, more often than not, and / or, those who are not committed to being more committed, etc! Four decades later, after personal intervention, I have served on many occasions as a leader to thousands of real, and / or potential leaders, leading, recognizing and qualifying, training, developing and advising, effectively, in almost every field. In doing so, I strongly believe, many teams, apparently, was lost Their path, and, further, growth, or attraction and / or, inspiration, the right people, to become their leaders, and revitalize a specific team! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the memoir approach, what this means and represents and why it is important.

1. Listen; learn; leader; lessons: Unless their leaders take the time and make the effort, how can they attract, inspire and motivate teams to create an organization that is relevant, and moving forward, towards a sustainable future? When they learn, and as they begin to demonstrate, genuine leadership, they use lessons – educated, proven / demonstrated, partners, well-represented, can benefit from belonging and being involved!

2. Options; Open mind; Opportunities; organization; Optimize: Lie – leaders, often, go ahead, with, My road or highway, Mood and attitude! Teams benefit only when their leaders are open-minded and willing to consider a few viable options, which, of course, are most relevant and sustainable, rather than moving forward empty-handed. , Populist rhetoric, and promises! They need to have a plan and be organized to achieve valuable goals! Unless / to optimize the strategy, the potential and value of the specific team, it will rarely, if ever, be achieved and successful!

3. system; Sustainable; Solutions; service; Strengths / Strengths: The chosen system must be realistic, viable, relevant and sustainable. In order to do so, the strengths and weaknesses of the team must be analyzed and understood, and every strength must be used effectively and attention must be paid to the weaknesses! Only then will the organization be strong! Introduces true, meaningful representation, and service, viable solutions, thereby organizing, better and stronger, continuously!

4. Belief / truth; Timely; Time – checked; Trends: It takes trust to attract, to follow, to gain trust, to begin with, to continue, to tell the truth! Find out the best trends, strategies and actions, timely (but well-considered), time-tested (to gain expertise, etc.) and open-minded, open-minded tendencies, to increase group viability and purpose, etc. Can be improved!

If so, your team seems to have was lost Its way, you are not alone! Ask for better leaders, and focus on quality, service and representation aimed at more good!

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