Why I like to play the drums

To some people, drums may be something you hit with a stick, but for some of us they are much more than that. For example, a band is not complete without attacking the drum set. Although drummers sometimes appear as background people on the set, if you really listen closely to the music, you will soon realize that music is not so good without drums. It does not have a single life.

Drums are the heart of music! Have you ever heard the hypnotic tune of a drum? The rhythmic power of the drum has the power to keep people shaking their bodies and keeping their feet on the ground.

Little boys and girls around the world are generally fascinated by drumming. Children often ask their parents to buy them a drum to play with, and if they do not have it, they can drum on anything they have on hand. Because that drum is a clean, uncomplicated taste. They not only make music, they have fun. It’s as much a toy as a musical instrument.

People who express their creativity by playing the drums are more likely to receive complaints from roommates and neighbors; They say the drums are louder. Well, sometimes they can be noisy, but that’s the part that makes them great. Noisy, you can feel the drumming on your face free and uninterrupted. It doesn’t matter if you are good at drumming, it doesn’t matter.

It’s hard to be lazy when you have drums to play. On lazy and dull days or when there is nothing else to do, it’s fun to play with radio songs or spend some free time. However, it helps to have sound protection rooms!

Drumming is a way of expressing your feelings. It can be hard to explain, but sometimes drumming can be the only way to really express how you feel. For example, if there are times when you feel angry, you can hit someone, and drumming is an effective way to let the steam out without any trouble. Or if you feel intense stress or sadness, maybe it helps to let go of all your worries and anxieties and let the drums play until all the worries and stress are gone.

There is another reason to love drums, other than the fact that drumming is not only an emotional outpouring but also a creative outlet. The drum is simply cool. Drums are an isolated, primitive force, and have been an important part of music, art, and festivals in cultures around the world since ancient times. When you play the drums, you can feel that you are connected with the spirit of music that has stirred in the souls of men and women since time immemorial, the same spirit that makes people dance to the beat of the drums. These are powerful reasons to love playing the drums, but everyone has their own reasons for being involved in music in their own way.

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