Why is it the Cardinal Stanford and not the Cardinals of Stanford?

There is something that bothers me every football season. Seriously this is really bothering me.

When Notre Dame was playing Stanford, I had to hear the announcers say that Cardinal Stanford had entered the field. There are eleven players in any offensive unit, not just one. Cardinal is unitary. Cardinal is plural. Wouldn’t the cardinals make more sense when describing a unit of 11 people entering the field?

I just do not understand. Every time I hear it it literally feels like a batta to me. Did the whole team or just one of them enter the field? And if so, which one?

Thanks wikipedia.org gives me a little insight into why this is so. It still doesn’t make sense to me, but I’ll let you decide.

After a major victory over Cal in 1892, Stanford adopted the cardinal color as their primary color. Until 1972 they were known as Indians. At that time, a group of Indian students filed a petition to change their name because they were upset with the current name.

The university listened and from 1972 to 1981 their official name was Cardinals.

Apparently, the name was never a reference to the color of the bird.

In 1981, those at Stanford who were thinking too much about the subject announced that they would then be referred to as Cardinal Stanford.

Why is this necessary? I think if I were a sports broadcaster assigned to cover one of their sports I would have to take a stand. When I mention one of the team, I call him a cardinal but when I mention a team of players I let the powers that be know that it is my intention to introduce them. Cardinals. Doing it any other way is just stupid and I obviously don’t have time for more stupidity.

Every adult must adapt to their personal belief system, or their life will be disrespected.

Unfortunately this research led me to another big problem with Stanford’s team name and mascot.

They have no mask. why not?

Sometimes there is a tree in the middle of their logo. Other times it’s just a big “S”. The Stanford Tree is actually a member of the band, he is dressed like another tree. This tree is actually based on one particular tree called El Palo Alto, a redwood tree in Palo Alto.

Although many people consider the “tree” as their pet, it is not officially their mask.

Stanford is a highly respected college and you have to be talented to participate. You would think that a group of top intellectuals would not have so much trouble naming their sports team or choosing a title.

Maybe now you will think differently.

I think it’s a good idea to use a tree if you have exceptionally strong protection and you want to emphasize their stillness.

It does not work so well on the negative side of things. You just can’t hear that the one running behind you went as fast as a tree, or that a wide receiver zipped across the field like a tree.

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