Why is political rhetoric so vicious?

After more than four decades of involvement, working on several political movements, as well as reviews, it seems that the former, the tone, the virus, the polarization, and the divisiveness, today, at worst, or near. Recent memory! As a result of this terrible epidemic, one would think that the last 18 months have been miserable (and bad) miserable, with many people expecting a more beautiful, pleasant, conversational level, rather than a polarizing, partisan one. , We testify! Although there is little doubt about the seriousness of these discussions, why have they become so? Severe, And the adversary, when we face many obstacles, today and in the future? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the memoir approach, what this means and represents and why it is important.

1. fear; the future; Enemies / friends; House Items; Yield; In effect: These days, many people seem to follow their fears and prejudices, rather than looking for a common sense, relevant, sustainable solution! We need public servants who consider not only their personal / political agenda, and / or selfishness, but the best path for the future! When we see friends as enemies instead, we disagree with them, it damages our ability to create and provide a proactive approach that can introduce the best approaches to the future!

2. Integrity; Ideology; Ideals; Insight; Effects; Think: Unfortunately, many officials do not seem to have the absolute integrity needed to put our national ideology and ideals ahead of their fears and prejudices! Only when they consider the insights, the effects and consequences of their actions, will they think of the need to bring us together for the better!

3. Empathy; Attention; Attempts; Impact: Why don’t so many elected people move forward with real empathy and emphasize themselves accordingly? They need to understand their efforts, preferences, influences (positive and / or, negative)!

4. Relevant; Logical; Rationality; Responsive: Logical, reasonable ideas and actions based on relevant, sustainable solutions are, in general, the most responsive to our needs and priorities! A great leader must be ready, willing and able to articulate his argument!

5. nature; Create; Coordinating / Collaborating: Instead of encouraging this continuous, polarization, a significant character is needed to be willing to create a system that aims to coordinate and seek the cooperation of others!

6. Excellence; Endurance; Enrich: Significant barriers and challenges such as good – adequate, and single – old, single – old, cynical, indications of climate change, the need for environmental protection (such as clean air and water), equal rights, etc. will not be addressed. Freedom, public health, access to quality medical care (regardless of income), and accessibility, affordable prescriptions, etc. Since this does not happen overnight, we need to emphasize the need for endurance and patience, respectively. To enrich many of our people and the rest of this planet!

We cannot continue this ugly direction Severe, Divisive, hostile, rhetorical! Do you ask for the best of them, do you vote?

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