Why is prayer essential?

Open your Bible at Jeremiah 29:12. Then you speak to me, you go and pray to me, and I will hear you. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

You need to spend time with God every day so that you can live an effective spiritual life with purpose and guidance. Prayer will help you to receive the Spirit of Jesus Christ and to work with the mind of Jesus. I want to teach you now, your life is useless without time with God. When you are a believer who prays in the Word, your life will be filled with spiritual treasure.

Scripture says, Follow the God of heaven! God wants you to pray to Him! God wants you to appeal to Him! God wants you to pray to Him about your circumstances. what else? Pray for your illness, job needs, financial struggles, family problems, peace and comfort. The Word says Speak to God, and He will hear you.

He is the one who will never or will never abandon you! So what do you do when you do not know what to do? Go to the Lord in prayer! Praise God!

No, all your problems will not go away overnight! You see, you can respond to your circumstances with fear, doubt, and anxiety, or you can respond with prayer and confession from God’s Word. You can raise your voice to God! Many want to know, why do we need prayer? Because prayer is a very important part of your relationship with God. Through prayer, the Holy Spirit helps you to understand the spiritual life.

The devil will lie to you, deceive you, deceive you, deceive you, and lead you into the bondage of sin. Most people do not know what to do? But when you are a praying person, when you face the struggles of life, God does not expect you to fight them in your own strength without God’s help.

If you belong to Jesus, you can pray and God will hear your voice because you have rights and privileges as a believer. When you pray, start praising Him! Thank Him that He is in control of your life. Thank him for his concern for you. Unlike most people, try to solve difficulties and problems on your own.

You must pray! Prayer is essential because the Holy Spirit gives you the desire to keep your life focused on Christ daily. Having a wonderful, rewarding relationship with God through Jesus. He thinks you deserve to be loved, helped and protected. God is pursuing a true and personal relationship with you.

When you kneel before God, He pours out His Word into you and you give yourself to Him in devotion. Invigorate and energize your mind and soul. You walk with God in prayer and in His Word. But if the word of God is anything, it is more about the will of God than your will.

God always has the answers you need! God tells you, I am not against you, but for you, child. God says, come and pray for me! One of the main benefits of your covenant relationship with Christ is prayer. Now, raise your hands and say, “Prayer is my way of life. God never sleeps and He hears my voice.”

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