Why is success so important to all of us?

Doing things gives us a sense of accomplishment. We feel like we have completed something we started and the circle is complete. There may be frustration or disappointment about things that have only partially happened but have not been achieved.

When we accomplish what we set out to do, we can say to others, ‘Look what I did, and if I can do it, you can too!’

Success gives us so much incredible satisfaction that we are able to set a goal, take action for it and actually do what we need to do. So we can raise our heads and laugh with those who doubt our abilities. Moreover, whatever we do can be an inspiration to others who doubt the ability to achieve something similar.

So achieving something regularly is important for our own self-esteem. To do this, we must set realistic and achievable goals, taking into account our age, ability, and personal circumstances. We do not get that satisfaction when we set a goal that is too high to be a realistic goal to achieve.

There is a balance between setting goals that are kind of challenging but that can be challenging but very easy compared to the goals that can be achieved and that do not give a sense of accomplishment. But with the ability to meet it eventually.

This is a challenge for schools and colleges that want to challenge their students to achieve a higher goal and much more without rejecting those with low abilities and feeling useless.

A good teacher sets goals for different levels. Ideally, the sense of accomplishment in some activities may come from winning or participating in the competitive nature of what is being done. We need to do things that can be achieved on different levels with the ability to increase our abilities over time. Swimming is an example of this. A child may be awarded a logo to recognize when swimming a certain distance, perhaps the width of the pool, but a sense of accomplishment is recognized, and then more logos or awards with increasing ability.

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