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Two of the most common mistakes newbies and newbies make when setting up a business over the Internet are failing to save files properly and not organizing and maintaining project folders for each web site creation.

Once you grasp the importance of these simple, straight forward actions – they will serve you well, saving time, relieving headaches and wasting effort trying things out. Most importantly, it helps maintain your hygiene when you start accumulating a large number of websites and various online projects and businesses.

This may seem like a very boring topic, but trust me – once you take this to heart and put it into practice, every time you want to save or create a folder, you will be happy to take the time to learn the process. Your goal is to make saving files and creating project folders a habit that will serve you well in the long run.

A situation has arisen when many of you want to find something you have created – you know it is saved ‘somewhere’ on your computer – but did you save it on your desktop, c-drive, or yours? Can’t remember if sent to. Personal Email Account – You searched and searched but could not find it.

That was a few months before I started organizing my online business, and this situation happened many times and it was one of the most frustrating, time consuming things I could have imagined.

Most of us are stuck with time, and if you have a day job and only have an hour or two to work on your online business when you get home in the evening, the last thing you need to do is waste valuable time searching for a file. That you need to save correctly the first time.

There are two very important reasons to save files correctly !!

If you do not save your files correctly, the files and pictures you save will not be displayed on your web page. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

When you take the time to save your files correctly, it will be easier to place them on your computer and, again, save great time.

To learn how to save files, go to the Internet and type ‘how to save a file’, then the world of file saving is at your command – enter details for Windows ME or XP, or Apple OS X.

Building a project file ensures good home management of your online business

You need to save all the content of your web page in one place and it is easy to do.

First, make it a habit to always create a project file for every website you create. After creating the project file, all And I mean all To insert your pictures, files, photos, links, go to the project file for that web page project related to that web page.

When each website project is centralized, when it’s time to update or work on that site, the file is immediately available – everything you need is at your fingertips,

How sweet is it?

To your internet marketing success.

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