Why people like freedom

Things labeled as “free” have always captured people’s interest and it has been observed that it acts as a catalyst to attract more people. Free samples of goods or services attract more customer or consumer attention than goods or services with a fixed price. It’s interesting to see why people love to give so much for free.

Free things and the human mind

When people find out that they have something for free, their mind and psychology believe that they are special and that they have earned to get it for free. They feel that they have gotten less or less effortlessly to get something because of what they get for free. People feel that the risk of trying out for free is low and that they have nothing to lose if they try for free. So they reach out to try things for free without risk and loss. Similar human psychology works when we are attracted to a discounted price or the price of a product or service.

The inevitable costs are huge

Everyone knows that making money is not easy in our day to day life and it takes a lot of effort to make a living. Most of the hard-earned money is spent on essential unavoidable expenses such as groceries, fuel and oil, billing and other expenses. When we know that something is available for free, we tend to be attracted to it because we feel that we have saved some money with the best that is given for free for a product or service.

Some people are reluctant to spend money on what they think is unnecessary

There are many people who make a lot of money to save money but are reluctant to spend money on what they think is unnecessary. When they find out that the product or service is free, they are more likely to reach out and try the product or service. Such people will try out the free stuff rather than paying and experience how the product or service works.

Some have a lower monthly income

Some people do not make a lot of money and have a low monthly income. They can not spend more money because they do not have money, so they find that free things are more attractive and they look for free things because they can not spend more.

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