Why should actors and actresses stay fit?

More than anyone in any other profession, an actor should take great care of his body. This is one of the most important reasons why it fits the mold that looks good in Hollywood. It is a tendency that fades over time. The reason why fitness is so important to an actor is that your ability to play different and physically interesting characters is limited only by your own physical abilities. This means that to be the best actor you can be, you have to be as fit as possible. Don’t forget, fit does not mean skinny! Fitness means being flexible, strong and having the strength for this very difficult task.

Flexibility is mentioned and for good reason. Flexibility is one of the most overlooked areas of fitness, and only the recent yoga craze has highlighted how much flexibility training can contribute to one’s overall fitness levels. Being flexible is good for your body in every way and greatly reduces the chances of you getting injured. This will make your body more resilient to stress. To most people it sounds silly, but most of the time acting in a movie or TV is a long day with a lot of repetitive motion. It is important to take good care of yourself as it can be difficult even for a healthy body. There is always a lot an actor has to worry about in terms of maintenance and training, and fitness is a very important item on the list.

While flexibility is important, so is strength. Those long days require a great deal of fitness for the heart. Not to mention that those who are out of shape can’t act, but by the end of twelve hours of filming they will be giving far less than their best acting. With that choice between the actor and the one who gives it 110% at the end of the day, what do you think the director wants to hire for his next big project?

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