Why should leaders admit their mistakes?

Many say, we need and need better leaders, they are often, right, but, perhaps, the single-biggest, because many of these people have Errors, That is, they are human! After more than four decades, from recognition and qualification, to coaching, development and mentoring, to almost everything that leads to effective, leadership, involving thousands of real and / or potential leaders, I have worked hard , Believe, it is essential, to become a quality leader, to acknowledge their shortcomings, with an open mind, so, you can objectively, selfishly, examine yourself, realistically, perfect, from the neck up, recognizing both his strengths and weaknesses Take and aim, the best, he can be, can be. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the memoir approach, what it means and represents and why it matters.

1. Interface facts; the future; House Items; Yield; Fresh – Appearance: One has to start with a fresh look and, obviously, a realistic, common sense, face to face! He must evaluate not only the present needs and obstacles but also a sustainable path towards the future! Providing the best, best, strategic and action plan, achieving the best, best possible situations / consequences is the job of a true leader!

2. Listen; learn; lessons; Leading: Many find it difficult and challenging to accept, and they do not have all the answers, and it helps to get relevant, useful, meaningful, effective, listening and learning from every conversation, and experience. , Knowledge, and expertise, as expected, will bring, better judgment and true wisdom! Using lessons, learning, is an inherent element, leadership!

3. Attitude; Fitness; Attention; Declare; Affairs: Someone wants, real, positive, do-able, attitudes, meanwhile, avoidance, wear, pink – color, glass, etc! When a potential leader combines this with well-developed, relevant, fitness and skills and focuses on all the relevant issues, he is ready to create the best strategy and action plan. ! He must be ready, willing and capable, to encourage and motivate others, and to deliver a message that enhances the abilities of his team!

4. Weaknesses; What; when; How can anyone improve unless he, in the first place, identifies his weaknesses, as well as carefully considers and addresses every aspect of his organization in a timely manner? Only then, he will know, what to do, and when, he should start!

5. Strengths; strengthen; Sustainable; Solutions: Knowing, your strengths and using them, makes their maximum, continuous, one, stronger and more effective! Moving forward in a general, relevant and sustainable way, in general, leads to cognition and conceptualization, creation, and growth. And implementing plans and actions leads to the best solutions!

If you want to be an effective leader, be honest, identify, and get to know yourself personally Shortcomings! Are you ready to do things?

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