Why should leaders focus on what is better?

If one wants to be a quality, meaningful, effective leader, he must constantly focus and emphasize. higher Good! This means constantly, big – trying to look at the picture, with an open mind, simply, rather than acknowledging, the only – old, the only – old, and the good – enough – to move forward, with one’s maximum excellence. ! Because this is supposed to be common sense, and because it is not usually so, it clearly shows how rare it is to proceed that way! Great leaders seek to unite people for greater common good, by uniting them, for greater commitment and intervention, than mere rhetoric, empty promises and rhetoric! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the memoir approach, what this means and represents and why it is important.

1. Have a good heart; development; Genuine: If one does not give priority, if one has a good heart by his word and deed, why do so many others prefer to follow it? Based on one’s commitment to the best leadership, consistent growth, genuine planning and the ultimate level of true excellence!

2. Relevant; Responsible; Reach: Leadership must be based on – relevant needs, goals and priorities, and maximum responsive behavior, planning, strategies and actions! It should be responsible, attentive, and he should, continuously, reach out to others, cooperative, sensitive, caring and needs-oriented!

3. Empathy; Attention: Since no one has all the answers, it is essential and essential for a leader to move forward with genuine, consistent, empathetic, effective, listening and learning from every conversation and experience! Once this is done, he should line up his strategic and action plans accordingly!

4. Attitude; Fitness; Declare; Attention: Only a handful of people are attracted to someone who does not have the attitude to be true, positive, do-able, attitudinal, and apply relevant, aptitude and skills to improve his / her abilities! Based on the payment, a person with a strong focus, an open mind, should deliver a message of solidarity and motivation, and it makes a great commitment!

5. Timely; Time – checked; trust; Trends: Some have deferred to stay within the limits, but the security of their personal, imposed, comfort zones, a true leader, must continue, well thought out, and move forward in a timely manner! He must line up time-tested teachings, using relevant, recent trends! Why would anyone believe this but their process and so on?

6. Excellence; Endurance; Enrich: Well – enough, rarely! If you want to make a difference, for the better, you must maintain perseverance and continue to ask for the maximum level of personal excellence to continue when others leave! Shouldn’t a leader’s priority be to enrich both his team and his partners?

7. Responsible; Realistic: While being positive is good, it may not be based on pink glasses, but, instead, a realistic assessment, the best ways / options, go ahead! If his leadership is not responsible and meaningful, one will not lead!

If you aspire to be a leader, make every decision based on needs, goals and priorities. higher Good! Are you ready to do things?

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