Why should leaders understand better – adequately, rarely?

After more than four decades, personal interventions in almost everything. Effectively, from leadership, recognition, and qualification, to training, developing, and advising, I have come to serve thousands of real, and / or potential leaders, as well as multiple real leaders, several times, I firmly believe , If someone wants to settle for good – enough, in the end, he finds – it is rare! In fact, every great leader I have ever seen, trained or studied, has demanded his utmost genuine excellence, especially some courses / paths with less resistance, the organization he represents for the best interests, and Stakeholders, he serves! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the souvenir approach, Why Good – enough, Rarely, acceptable, and so on.

1. Attempts; Empathy; Effects; Attention; Endurance; Excellence: Often, one can clearly distinguish oneself from other real leaders, whether he maintains a level of endurance and never gives up – moving forward, towards doing the best! If so, his efforts will suffice, and the effects and consequences will, continuously, pay off! To move forward with genuine empathy he must learn, listen, and learn effectively from everything he hears, observes, and experiences! When one’s emphasis coincides, with this concept, the ability to move forward with true excellence improves!

2. Requirements; Nerves: Only meaningful leadership, if any, serves and represents one’s personal / political agenda, based on one’s plans, needs, goals and priorities! When someone has a nerve, to expand, his self-imposed, comfortable zone, everyone benefits!

3. Options; Opportunities; Open mind; Selection: With an open mind, you need to consider different options and opportunities to make the best decisions and choose the best course of action!

4. Useful; Uses; Motivation: Only when one focuses on one’s plans, more effective, course and guidance, only when he uses all his skills effectively and motivates others for a meeting, does his team intend for the greater good. , Benefits!

5. Have a good heart; Better; Genuine: Either, someone is a genuine leader, or he is not one – all! Continuing to prioritize more good and generate goodwill, bringing others together is essential!

6. Healing; Head / heart; Humanitarian; Useful: Never underestimate the importance and necessity of being a healing leader! One must use the best of his logical and emotional components, head / heart in balance, to move forward with the level of humanity and really help!

If you want to be a true leader, you have to understand, well – enough, Rarely! Do you have what you need?

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