Why should you write an e-book?

Selling your business with an eBook is a great way to prove your knowledge and build some credibility in your location.

The process of publishing an e-book almost automatically sets you up as an expert. Of course, the eBook should be good too, but the idea is that the eBook is not a flagship product. It’s just a way to market yourself or the core product of your business.

Sell ​​it cheap Kindle

You can give it away by signing the eBook only on the Kindle, then let it go. Alternatively you can sell it for $ 2.99 or more. it’s up to you. If the e-book is good and you want to make money from it, it does not exclude you from using eBook as a marketing tool. This only works if you include links and information about your site and other information in the book.

Add lead by giving it

You can give it as a lead bait or as an incentive for your customer to sign up for your email list. Still include links in your e-book because your audience wants to buy what you suggest and will return to your site if they know where it is.

Fame through authorship

Just being a published author has some impact. Also, do not let anyone tell you that self-expression is “less” than any other form of expression. Self-publishing today is actually cheaper than finding a publisher unless you are already well-known and want to outsource certain aspects. Publishers do not do much to help someone they do not already know. So you can self-publish and use the evidence of your knowledge (your e-book) to market your business.

Viral marketing campaigns

An e-book can be a good way to “go viral” if you know how to promote it. Use social media, book trailers and book quotes to sell on social media to publish an e-book and your business at the same time.

Put links in your e-book

This is the most important thing outside of selling your e-book. Make sure you include links in your e-book, because this is how people who buy or download your e-book (or even if they steal it) give you a business out of it.

Promote it on social media

Don’t forget to sell your business and e-book on social media using all the available methods like infographics and memes.

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