Why Vegans, Vegetarians and Jains Ban Varak?

In the world we live in today, there are activists who are looking to protect animal rights in every way possible. Many people have attributed the use of once (pure silver strips) to decorating Indian sweets and decorating Indian deities. However, for years the Jains have condemned it because it is believed to be used to remove animal fat or hidden work / once / once.

What is once?

It is a decorative item made of pure silver that is very thin, brittle and easily broken. Therefore, it is usually supported by white butter paper. In addition to decorating religious statues, they are used to decorate sweets, dates, nuts, and fruits.

Why once become a vegetarian?

Beauty without Cruelty, an NGO based in Pune, investigated why Jains once considered vegetarianism. According to them, slaughterhouses choose animals with soft skin (goats, sheep and cattle) before slaughter. The epidermal layer is removed by soaking the infected skin for 12 days to make their skin completely hairless. They are then soaked in the decoction for 30 minutes to soften and left to dry. After drying, these are cut into squares of 19 to 15 cm in size, shaped into pots and packed in booklets with a thick sheepskin cover. Workers kept thin silver strips in the bag for three hours before they began to hit the booklet with a wooden mallet. The silver inside makes sure it is very thin and brittle – less than a micron thick ‘999’. This time the form is then sent to confectionery stores. Not only are most unsuspecting animals severely killed, but there is also the possibility of a piece of meat being left over at once.

So one technically, once is not a non-vegetarian product but must go through the process of making it non-vegetarian. The non-vegetarian ideology of vegetarians and Jains is that animals should not be harmed for their own consumption and should be satisfied with the fruits, vegetables, cattle, trees and grass provided by Mother Nature.

According to statistics, 12,500 animals are killed per kilogram at a time and 30,000 kilograms of sweets are consumed every year in India alone.

Jains and once

Ironically, Jains, followers of a religion that believes in innocence (innocence), were once the largest buyers, as they were heavily used to beautify the idols of their deities. It is one of the richest communities in India, spending heavily on the once-decorated sweets. However, there is a small but fast-growing part of this community that will tell their sweet supplier to make less mites (sweets in Hindi) at once.

Animal rescue

Many vegetarians and vegans have taken up this task with active enthusiasm to ensure that no more animals are killed for small decorations that are once tasteless and have no taste of their own.

If you are an animal lover and once addicted, you may want to think twice before consuming it. This is because non-vegetarianism is not about avoiding foods that are part of the animal’s anatomy, but it’s about extending it to make sure that no animal is harmed in any way to satisfy your young now.

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