Why would a man leave saying he likes you? Here’s why they send mixed signals

Are you surprised by his behavior? Does he really look strong and then cool off? Don’t worry, most women have the same experience and wonder why this exit when everything seems to be going so well! Here are some reasons why he might say he likes you.

He realized that he was too quick
Often, a man driven only by desire wakes up when he really realizes that he is quicker to say he likes you. If he feels he’re too impulsive and regrets the words he spoke in a hurry, he will give up hoping to erase everything.

He has a deep fear of marriage
By letting him know his feelings, he understands that he is letting you know that he is ready to sacrifice for you. In hindsight, however, he found that he had a terrible fear of marriage and could not really commit to you in any way. This is how he started to walk away from you even though he liked you so much.

He finds that his feelings are not so strong
He is tempted for a moment and even though he says he likes you, he finds out that his feelings are not so strong and that he can not have a relationship. According to your response to his words, he knows that you want him to be serious and that he can not do that. Because of this he has begun to withdraw.

He can not stand the pressure you put on him
If you put too much pressure on him too soon, he will start to feel stuck and manipulated. He did not lie when he said he liked you, but he is still not sure that he likes you enough! If he can not stand the pressure you put on him, he will need it!

He finds out that you are not a pretense
Have you ever had any frustrations with him? Is he frustrated that the person who pretended to be you is not you? If this is true, he can not be blamed if he loses interest in you and starts to walk away. He may stop liking you completely and leave completely.

He is already in a relationship with another woman
Even if he says he likes you, do not take it seriously until you see that his feelings run deep. The fact that he has started to leave shows that he is not really serious about you. He is already in a relationship with another woman and his interest in you can be instantaneous!

He just wants to make fun of you
Have you ever heard a man try to chase you away by pretending to ignore you and lose interest in you? Check if he’s trying to make fun of you! He may be testing you to see if you really love him and trying to win his attention again.

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